New Book Release: Brother Wolf

If you followed my blog on the selling site Addoway back in 2011, you were introduced to my very short story, Brother Wolf. If not, well, let me introduce you to the longer short story!

I recently rewrote the story making it longer for a short story book format. I added a few illustrations, as well.

The illustrations are a mix of my photographs which I converted to black & white and line art drawings, as well as a couple of actual digital drawings. I am quite proud of the digital drawings because I do not consider myself a drawing type artist on paper let alone a computer device. I used the Wacom Bamboo I got years ago. Up until these drawings, the only thing I used it for was to make a digital signature which is part of my photographer and graphic design logo.

Back to the book. Being an animal lover, I consider my patron saint to be Saint Francis of Assisi. He is the patron saint of animals. There is a popular story of Saint Francis that tells how he brought peace between the town of Gubbio, Italy and a wolf. The story has always been told in the narrative as a summary what happened. I wanted to tell the story from the wolf’s perspective.

Years ago, I wrote a basic blog version of the story from the wolf’s perspective. Recently, I thought it’d be nice to offer it in a longer, albeit still short, book version. If you like short stories, like I do because your attention span is just about that long like mine, you will love this book. It took some time to get it from the blog version to the book version, but I was successful in getting a release date of October 4th, Saint Francis’ feast day.

The synopsis of the book is…
Brother Wolf the Wolf of Gubbio A Story of Saint Francis is the uplifting story of how Saint Francis of Assisi saved the village of Gubbio, Italy from a lone wolf who brought fear to the village. You may think you have heard the story before. It’s been a timeless story for centuries. You haven’t heard it this way before. Join Brother Wolf as he tells the story from his point of view. He explains why he went to Gubbio. He tells of his first impression of Brother Francis. Why did the wolf go to Gubbio? What did Brother Francis do to resolve the situation?

If you love animals and have a special devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi, this book will be an endearing addition to your home.

Wondering what others have to say about the story? Here are some of the comments that were left on the blog version when it was published on my Addoway blog six years ago:

“Robyn, I always love your blogs!! Thanks for posting this!”

“Fun story~lovely writing”

“Love your stories. They are more than blogs and that’s what makes them unique. Thank you for sharing with all of us.”

“Very good, as always”

“A beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!”

“Nice. Inspiring.”

“Loved it!”

The Brother Wolf  book is available in the CreateSpace bookstore as well as it’s parent company, Amazon. It’s approximately 45 pages.

Click here to purchase Brother Wolf in the CreateSpace bookstore.

Click here to purchase Brother Wolf on Amazon.

If you know someone who loves animals and/or Saint Francis, please like and share this blog with them! Thank you so much!

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