Robyn Stacey, ABCDT

Robyn Stacey is an animal caretaker/rescuer/dog trainer, photographer, graphic designer, genealogist and writer. She inherited her love of animals from her mom and her interest in photography from her dad & maternal grandma. Robyn became interested in genealogy at the young age of at least 10 years old thanks to her dad’s interest in the history of his father’s family. Robyn is a proud United States Air Force brat and native Texan.

“My hope is for folks to see beyond the man-made world and, instead, see the beautiful world God has bestowed upon us!”
“Pawsing for Critters with Four Paws!”

Robyn’s photography & Paws4Critters graphic design line can be purchased around the internet at:


Robyn has the following books published and available for purchase on Amazon.

Mama, Where Do Strays Go?
Colorful Cats Adult Grayscale Coloring Book
Classic Cars Adult Grayscale Coloring Book
Orphaned by War The Stacy Saga

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