New Book Release: Brother Wolf

If you followed my blog on the selling site Addoway back in 2011, you were introduced to my very short story, Brother Wolf. If not, well, let me introduce you to the longer short story! I recently rewrote the story making it longer for a short story book format. I added a few illustrations, as well. The illustrations are a mix of my photographs which I converted to black & white and line art drawings, as well as a couple of actual digital drawings. I am quite proud of the digital drawings because I do not consider myself a drawing … Continue reading New Book Release: Brother Wolf

Self Publishing Your Book… What I’ve Learned

  Ever Dream of Being a Published Writer? Is writing a book something you’ve always wanted to do, but because of funds, or the lack thereof, you just sit by the window staring out at the world wondering and wishing what it would be like to be able to write a book and have it published? You’ve started it a hundred times – in your head, on paper or maybe on your computer. You can see the story unfold before your eyes, and you want desperately to share it with the world. Maybe you’ve written long posts on social media … Continue reading Self Publishing Your Book… What I’ve Learned