Ranger Rick and Elly May

  Let me start by saying I grew up with Ranger Rick and reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies. I always pictured myself as Elly May. I still don’t have a cement pond, but I have recently attracted a mother coon and her two youngins. Ok, the mother doesn’t think much about me. Ok, she rather fears me. I suppose that’s a good thing considering her size. She flees every time I approach. Her kids, however, grew up watching me b ring cat food out to the feral cats. Even though mama coon fears me, she’s got no problem teaching her … Continue reading Ranger Rick and Elly May

Of Peanuts, Wolves and Kettle Korn

About a week or so ago, I told y’all about Shasta dressing up as Saint Francis. I dubbed her Brother Wolf after the short story I also recently published. This past weekend the small city of Whitesboro, Texas celebrated its annual Peanut Festival. My church, St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church has a booth there every year. They hold raffles to raise money for different church projects. This year they were raising money towards building a new parish hall. I don’t always attend the peanut festival, but I have gone a few times now. The first time was to attend … Continue reading Of Peanuts, Wolves and Kettle Korn

Brother Wolf – St Francis Halloween 2017

The wolf… OK, the wolf dog. The patron saint of animals. The photo shoot. What could possibly go wrong? Feral cats. Rain. Yep, that’s it! Everything started out rather nicely. Overcast day. Great for a photo shoot. Shasta, with her harness on, and I walked out to the middle of the property into a clearing surrounded by trees. I had her regular 6 foot leash and the 15 or 30 foot leash. I can never remember how long it is. It’s very long. Great for training “stay.” I had the box with her costume in hand. Camera around my neck. … Continue reading Brother Wolf – St Francis Halloween 2017

Is My Puppy Old Enough for Obedience Training

One of the first questions people have when they get a new puppy is “is my puppy old enough for obedience training?” The answer is a resounding “yes!” Most people don’t realize when they get a puppy they begin learning as soon as they are brought into the home. Almost immediately you’ve given your new puppy a name, and you use it. Your puppy’s name is her first training lesson. If your puppy is old enough to leave his mother, approximately 10 to 12 weeks old, he’s old enough to start learning. Start slow. Give the puppy time. Attention span … Continue reading Is My Puppy Old Enough for Obedience Training

Howl-O-ween Hounds

We’ve all seen them. Dogs dressed like people. Cats in costume. The occasional hamster, gerbil, rabbit wearing a hat or goat wearing a shirt and/or pants. I’ve always thought people who dressed their animals were… let’s say… eccentric. I’ve never been one to do it. I still don’t… for the most part. In 1998, we received a chihuahua from a neighbor. He was always cold during the winter; so, we got him a sweater. Well, what do you do when that one sweater needs washing? You need another sweater. Chico ended up with several sweaters. Functional clothing was the extent … Continue reading Howl-O-ween Hounds

Dusty Dilemma

Back in the summer of 2009, Copper, a stray dog we had taken on some years ago, caught a 3 month old kitten in the yard. Copper, we believe, was a Jack Russell, Australian Heeler, possibly Beagle mix. He had a high prey drive to say the least. It was the middle of the night. The dogs had to go potty. They were out there for a little while before I realized something was wrong. I ran out to have a look see. Copper had something. Now, Hershey was good at catching cats, well, kittens. He’d catch them and bring … Continue reading Dusty Dilemma

Paws4Critters Design on Tshirts, Mugs, etc

Several years ago I was selling a variety of items online on a variety of selling sites. I’d like to introduce y’all to my Paws4Critters Designs. My cat and dog graphic designs I sell on numerous items. How the design came to be… I was starting to play around with Photoshop Elements. I taught myself through online tutorials how to take my photographs and turn them into line art drawings. I wanted to design a cat and dog design that was Paws4Critters. I worked with several cat and dog photographs I had on my hard drive. I finally settled on … Continue reading Paws4Critters Design on Tshirts, Mugs, etc

Finding Furever-homes Friday

Y’all have heard of “Throw Back Thursday.” I started a Facebook page several years ago for my local rescue, Red River SPCA. The rescue didn’t have a Facebook page, and the woman who ran the rescue didn’t do social media. I had some time, and since I couldn’t foster any animals, it was a way I could help. Red River SPCA is in the rural north Texas area known as Texoma. They do their best to rescue and find homes for dozens of animals – dogs, cats and horses, too. An all volunteer non-profit organization. As most anyone who’s been … Continue reading Finding Furever-homes Friday

Cost of a Rescue

I originally wrote the following post back in 2011 about Cody, shown above, who is now 7 years old. It was posted on an old blog, but I thought it would be a good post to repost on my new blog. Since writing about this one dog rescue and the couple of cats toward the end, I have since rescued more. A FeLV+ cat I could not keep went to live with a special lady and her new husband. She wanted to adopt him because she knew he would have a hard time finding a home. I fostered him for … Continue reading Cost of a Rescue