Of Peanuts, Wolves and Kettle Korn

About a week or so ago, I told y’all about Shasta dressing up as Saint Francis. I dubbed her Brother Wolf after the short story I also recently published. This past weekend the small city of Whitesboro, Texas celebrated its annual Peanut Festival. My church, St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church has a booth there every year. They hold raffles to raise money for different church projects. This year they were raising money towards building a new parish hall. I don’t always attend the peanut festival, but I have gone a few times now. The first time was to attend … Continue reading Of Peanuts, Wolves and Kettle Korn

Brother Wolf – St Francis Halloween 2017

The wolf… OK, the wolf dog. The patron saint of animals. The photo shoot. What could possibly go wrong? Feral cats. Rain. Yep, that’s it! Everything started out rather nicely. Overcast day. Great for a photo shoot. Shasta, with her harness on, and I walked out to the middle of the property into a clearing surrounded by trees. I had her regular 6 foot leash and the 15 or 30 foot leash. I can never remember how long it is. It’s very long. Great for training “stay.” I had the box with her costume in hand. Camera around my neck. … Continue reading Brother Wolf – St Francis Halloween 2017

Howl-O-ween Hounds

We’ve all seen them. Dogs dressed like people. Cats in costume. The occasional hamster, gerbil, rabbit wearing a hat or goat wearing a shirt and/or pants. I’ve always thought people who dressed their animals were… let’s say… eccentric. I’ve never been one to do it. I still don’t… for the most part. In 1998, we received a chihuahua from a neighbor. He was always cold during the winter; so, we got him a sweater. Well, what do you do when that one sweater needs washing? You need another sweater. Chico ended up with several sweaters. Functional clothing was the extent … Continue reading Howl-O-ween Hounds